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Mazak Unveils Next Generation iSMART Factory Concept

November 25, 2014   Articles

A dynamic, ongoing and limitless concept, the next-generation iSMART Factory represents Mazak’s all-encompassing manufacturing vision. Mazak will eventually designate all ten of its manufacturing operations as iSMART Factories, the first being the Oguchi factory in Japan and now the North American factory in Florence, Kentucky

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Your Data: Use It or Lose It

November 11, 2014   Articles

Data matters. Whether it’s a production manufacturing operation or a job shop, measuring the effectiveness of each piece of shop floor equipment using overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) software and data collection tools enables companies to collect data in real time.

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Tool Monitoring for Multitasking Machines

October 24, 2014   Articles

Continuously checking the condition of cutting tools and responding appropriately to wear or other changes is especially critical on machines designed to complete parts in a single setup or run several operation simultaneously.

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