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Why Machine Monitoring Matters

November 4, 2015   Articles, Recent News

Monitoring machine performance in real time is gaining traction in metal fabrication. MTConnect, a machine communication standard that has made serious headway in the machining arena, now has a toehold in the sheet metal business.

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MEMEX’s MERLIN Takes Bigger Role in Milwaukee Tool

November 2, 2015   Articles

Milwaukee Tool recently took on a small-scale pilot project involving MEMEX Inc’s MERLIN system. With just five licenses in hand, Milwaukee Tool got a look at just what MERLIN could do, and the results proved impressive enough for Milwaukee Tool to step up the project in a big way.

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Mazak’s March to the Smart Factory

November 2, 2015   Articles

A highlight of DISCOVER 2015 was the introduction of Mazak’s launch into the connected cyber world with the introduction of the SmartBox, a platform that serves as a conduit between machine tools, shop floor management, and the Industrial Internet of Things.

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Mazak pushes digital manufacturing envelope

October 30, 2015   Articles

The newest addition to the iSMART Factory is Mazak’s SmartBox, which made its debut at Discover Mazak. SmartBox is the result of partnership between Mazak, Cisco Systems Inc. and Memex Inc. and it’s the next step in the evolution of the digital factory: ensuring data security.

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