Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Products

An MES system should be the highest priority project as it is more important than a capital equipment acquisition. It is a strategic driver to obtain a competitive advantage and deliver customer service quality. The value of an MES is significant to the stakeholders of a company far surpassing any other ROI.


MERLIN Tempus Enterprise Edition

Enhancing the Value of Time  Adding to the powerful tools offered by MERLIN Tempus, the Enterprise Edition brings to you the complete OEE metric along with a dynamic visual job scheduler capable of running jobs. With its modular architecture, MERLIN Tempus Enterprise Edition empowers you to seamlessly incorporate future Smart Manufacturing technologies into the platform. With MERLIN Tempus Enterprise Edition: […]

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Using Financial OEE to uncover profits on the shop floor Financial Overall Equipment Effectiveness (FOEE ) enables an organization to link its shop floor performance to actual profit dollars. Furthering Data-Driven Manufacturing initiatives and building on the foundation of OEE, FOEE compares and displays the financial percentage of profit value of products manufactured in a run relative to […]

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Driving efficiencies and productivity from the Shop-Floor-To-The-Top-Floor MERLIN Tempus offers a new generation of tools and a dynamic configurable dashboard that provides a complete view of your shop floor. Developed using state-of-the-art technologies, MERLIN Tempus delivers green-light metrics and analytical capabilities to effectively reduce downtime while increasing throughput and profits. • Can operate independently of the corporate […]

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MERLIN Dynamics AX Connector

The Dynamics AX Connector is part of the MERLIN MES system that allows work orders to travel seamlessly from the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to the machines on the shop floor.

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