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MERLIN Tempus offers a new generation of tools and a dynamic configurable dashboard that provides a complete view of your shop floor. Developed using state-of-the-art technologies, MERLIN Tempus delivers green-light metrics and analytical capabilities to effectively reduce downtime while increasing throughput and profits.


• Can operate independently of the corporate network
• Scalable, expandable, modular architecture for Enterprise deployment
• Enables view of Real-Time machine, cell, workgroup and shop productivity information across enterprise through a web browser
• Open APIs for third party data exchange


• Customizable and open platform for Real-Time shop and plant floor monitoring
• Capability to incorporate user defined screens and widgets
• Powerful Shift Scheduler capable of unlimited shift configurations for machines and personnel
• Dynamic user customizable shop floor viewer
• User customizable Machine details views
• Built in slide show to queue any number of web views within MERLIN Tempus
• Customizable machine attribute designer
• Ability to add custom grouping for machine assets
• Dynamic “Metrics Widgets” for Real-Time visualizations
• Native display of available custom machine events such as overrides, program names, alarm descriptions


• Delivers green light metrics
• Monitors machine states automatically
• Provides Real-Time utilization of machines and operators
• Unlimited Machine state descriptions
• Unlimited Part reject descriptions
• Labor tracking against operations
• Communicates Real-Time user configured information on a web enabled computer, tablet or smartphone
• Email alerts for any desired machine event
• Enable operators to classify machine down-time and part rejects using the optional MERLIN Operator Portal
• Multiple operator login against machines, cells, or workgroups


• User configurable dashboard, built in .NET and HTML 5 technologies,
equipped with a wide variety of screens and widgets
• Supports MTConnect, Fanuc Focas, Fanuc I/O link to MTConnect,
OPC and other software protocols
• State-of-the-Art CEP engine for complex event processing
• Event viewer for detailed machine operational history
• Highly-scalable and highly-available multi-source data
gateways for advanced signal processing of events
• Comprehensive history editor
• Flexible and powerful adhoc reporting engine with virtually
unlimited reporting capabilities

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