Memory Upgrades


Benefits of Memex Memory Upgrades

  • Faster than drip feeding – proven cycle time reductions by as much as 47%
  • Additional memory to store recurring part programs right at the machine means no time wasted with file transfers.
  • Less downloading means less chance for file corruption.
  • Innovative and exclusive features for the Fanuc 6/9/11 and 12.
  • 3 year warranty guaranteed.

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1. How do Memex prices compare to OEM’s?

  • Our prices are often up to 75% off OEM’s prices.
  • Our CNC upgrades do not require a bank loan.

2. Why should I avoid breaking up programs – at all cost?

  • Extra programming time.
  • Extra setup times.
  • Extra downtime between sub-programs
  • Extra time for file transfers.
  • Extra time worrying about then fixing blends.

3. Why is CNC memory more superior to Drip Feeding?

  • Memory is faster than Drip Feeding
    • Proven cycle time reductions by as much as 47%.
    • Increase your feedrates without worrying about Data Starvation, Chattering or Dwell Marks.
  • Let’s you Get on with what Makes you Money – Cutting Metal
    • Having additional memory to store recurring part programs right at the machine means no time wasted fussing with file transfers.
    • Less downloading means less chance for file corruption.
  • Avoids Cutting Air
    • During work stoppages such as tool breaks, simply back up a few blocks of code rather than running the program again from the beginning – with all the modals still active.
  • Gives you Superior Editing
    • Immediately search, view and edit programs upon loading.

4. Is there any difference in quality between Memex Memory Upgrades and OEM’s ?

  • Our memory upgrades have gone toe to toe with OEM products for over 18 years. In fact, in some important ways they are even better.
  • Innovative and exclusive features such as Parameter Sentry System and quick load feature on our MME upgrades for Fanuc 6/9/11 and 12.
  • We take advantage of the latest components and have faster access time than the OEM’s upgrades.
  • We back up our quality with a three year warranty.

5. How Simple are Memex Memory Upgrades to Install?

Our memory upgrades have been designed to be easily installed by your own in-house personnel.

  • Shipped with a detailed step by step manual that can be previewed on our website.
  • Telephone tech support to get you back up and running right away.
  • If your prefer, our upgrades can be installed by one of our approved CNC service technicians, over 250 globally.

6. Memex – a Trusted Name in Shop Floor Productivity!

For more than 18 years no one has surpassed Memex in Knowing how to “Teach an old control a new trick.” We pride ourselves on providing solutions that are flexible, innovative and cost effective. Our latest products the Ax9150 Universal Machine Interface or the Mx1053 Universal Netword Interface with the Ax2200HS-FS File Server can fundamentally change how you run your shop!

  • By turbo-charging any control.
  • Giving you real-time / high integrity data from your shop floor.
  • Allows you to manage your CNC production the way you’ve always wanted, but were never able to.