Complete Digital Factory Integration and the IIoT

In an industry-shaping collaboration, Mazak Corporation, together with information technology (IT) leader Cisco and machine-to-machine solutions provider MEMEX, Inc., have developed what is described as an industry first, called SmartBox.

Tomorrow’s factories will use Multi-Tasking machines, advanced manufacturing cells, and robotic automation systems together with complete digital integration to achieve free-flow data sharing.  In such an environment, connectivity of machines and devices allows for enhanced process control, operation monitoring, and analytical capabilities — all within a plantwide or multi-plant cybersecure network connected to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Joint efforts of machine tool builder Mazak Corporation, manufacturing communications platform provider MEMEX, Inc., and IT leader Cisco have achieved a significant leap forward with the  successful digital integration of the Mazak factory. Mazak now accesses and uses real-time manufacturing data to improve overall productivity and agility along with responsiveness to customer and market changes. This project also resulted in the development of a launch platform, called SmartBox, for an easy and secure entrance into the IIoT.

You can find the white paper available for downloading here: SmartBox White Paper