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MTConnect Forming Working Group on Best Practices

The MTConnect Institute named Memex Automation Inc. to lead the working group it has established to formulate “best practices” and provide overall guidance for the physical connectivity standards of the network it is implementing to unify machine tools in shops worldwide. Burlington, Ont. based Memex is a unit of Astrix Networks Inc. that “leverages” the […]

Tim Smith Joins Memex Automation As Dealer Channel Manager

Original article posted in SBW!RE. Link to original article here. Tim Smith will serve the following Team Function with Memex Automation: Dealer Channel Manager, Project Management, Resource Allocation, Site Survey Analyst, and Project Acquisition. Smith comes to the Memex Automation team with extraordinary experience. Smith is a technology professional with over two decades of front […]

Clarification about Tom Gaasenbeek and Memex Automation

Burlington, Ontario, Canada Tom Gaasenbeek resigned from Memex Automation and its parent company Astrix Networks Inc. effective October 20, 2009. In early 2010, Astrix Networks Inc. acquired all the outstanding shares that Tom Gaasenbeek had in Astrix Networks Inc.  Tom Gaasenbeek has no ownership interests in Memex Automation.  Tom Gaasenbeek has no direct involvement with […]

MTConnect® Institute Announces Legacy Machine Tool Connectivity Working Group

The Legacy Machine Tool Connectivity Working Group (WG) will be essential in addressing the very important issue of providing best practices and overall guidance for the physical connectivity of the thousands of legacy machine tools in manufacturing shops around the globe. The group will be lead by David McPhail, President & CEO Memex Automation Inc., and John Turner, Director of Technology for FA Consulting and Technology, as the co-chairs.

Memex Automation Moves Forward With New Releases of OEE + DNC Software

Memex Automation will unveil new releases of its flagship OEE + DNC software that improves CNC
machine tool productivity, thereby allowing machines to operate more efficiently and therefore help
companies be more productive.

Memex Automation Universal File Server Improves CNC Machine Tool Productivity Introduced at IMTS

Manufacturing shop floor productivity will take a much-needed step forward at the Manufacturing Technology Show IMTS2010. Memex Automation will unveil a universal file server that improves CNC machine tool International productivity, thereby allowing machines to operate more efficiently.

Memex Automation Praised by Ford Motor Company Mexico for OEE and DNC Software

Gustavo Hernandez, Plant Superintendent for Ford Motor Company in Mexico recently noted that the Memex memory boards and DNC software were able to eliminate data starvation so that the machines could run at full potential. The result was a 150% INCREASE in feed rates. It is estimated that the increase in productivity will repay the costs to Ford before the payment is due. Immediate visibility of production status and comprehensive data collection is vital for a competitive advantage. Rattray insists, Memex Automation understands the need to be more competitive – by automating the information flow companies can manage productivity. Companies are Managing Productivity by sending ERP or scheduled work orders and/or CNC programs direct to the machine.

Memex Automation Talks OEE Benefits for All Machines on Plant Floor

As published on the site Free Bar Code Info, copy of original article. Memex Automation Talks OEE Benefits for All Machines on Plant Floor