Mazak Discover 2013 – WOW!

WOW is all that can be said for the Mazak DISCOVER 2013 show.  It was phenomenal.  So well organized, great people, fantastic products throughout, and Memex MERLIN was no exception and a pleasure to showcase to the world.

More than 3,000 people including metalworking professionals from all industry segments, the media and students, converged at Mazak’s headquarters and manufacturing campus in Florence, Kentucky to attend DISCOVER 2013.  With significant emphasis on education, DISCOVER 2013 gave manufacturers direct access to everything they could possibly need to expand their metalworking knowledge and optimize their operations, from today’s most advanced machining technology to the latest metalworking trends to valuable industry expert advice. In fact, more than 70 different presentations took place throughout the course of the event, highlighting topics such as additive manufacturing, improving factory utilization and U.S. manufacturing making a comeback.

Dave McPhail, President of Memex Automation, was on an expert panel that also consisted of Dave Edstrom, President and Chairman of the board of the MTConnect Institute, Will Sobel, CEO and Founder of Systems Insight and Neil Desrosiers, Applications Engineer and Software Developer at Mazak.  The panel discussed how adopting the MTConnect standard will only help improve one’s manufacturing process.  In fact, the MTConnect presentation was the largest draw attended.  The auditorium seats 230 people and the talk was so popular that there was standing room only.  Many manufacturing companies are realizing just how valuable MTConnect is in order to succeed and are lining up to get in on it.

MERLIN was demonstrated on many of the Mazak machines throughout the Kentucky production plant facility for everyone to see exactly how it functions – providing full plant visibility of any and all machines, with real-time reporting. MERLIN can deliver increased profitability and can find more free cash flow from existing capital equipment.  Thousands saw MERLIN and hundreds of representatives from various companies came by to see MERLIN live in action and have professed much interest in preceding to the next step.

It is very easy to get started; pick a few machines that have the MTConnect enabled option on them and Memex can do a remote installation so you are up and running in a matter of days.  See the benefits very quickly.  Call Memex today, or order it from Mazak directly.

Mazak Booth Screen Tech Center

Mazak Booth Screen Tech Center

John Rattray at Discover Mazak 2013

John Rattray at Mazak Discover 2013

Randy McDonald at Discover Mazak 2013

Randy McDonald at Mazak Discover 2013

Dave Edstrom, President and Chairman of the board of the MTConnect Institute, posted a link to his personal blog which raves about how well the Mazak Discover 2013 was.  He has posted some really great pictures from around the show and also mentions Memex: “…Real thought leaders in manufacturing and MTConnect.” (Thanks Dave!)