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Memex Automation Supports Industry

Memex has worked with industry to share information and knowledge with customer showcase events, speaking engagements and articles written and published. We are a corporate citizen.

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MEMEX - Measuring Manufacturing Excellence Logo

Memex Founder Nominated for Design Engineer Hall of Fame

The original founder of Memex was nominated to the Product Design & Development magazine Design Engineer Hall of Fame.

He is described as the “Steve Jobs” of the factory floor.  Combining hardware and software, he leads a team of developers that make high-end technical solutions for the metalworking industry in optimizing CNC controls and processes – connecting machining centers with the front office.  He has travelled, written and spoken on the coming “Embedded Universe” that will impact how machines communicate, share information and transform production technologies.

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Memex Working with Consortium of Universities on Dynamic Computer Aided Machining (DCAM) Project

Memex announces that it has been awarded a significant grant to work on a state of the industry dynamic computer aided machining (DCAM) project in a consortium with leading universities, aerospace companies and industry partners. This is a five year grant from NSERC and will have Memex’s Ax9150 hardware board as a key component in delivering results. The benefits of this project are to improve quality in the final pass of machining, so as reduce by 50% the cycle time, minimizing broken tools, increase efficiency overall by 35% and provide an accurate audit validation trail. This validates Memex’s position as a leading technology supplier to the machining industry working with the top universites, such as McMaster in delivering advanced products for manufacturing efficiency.

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“Internetworking” the factory floor to your World

Original article posted online by Canadian Tooling & Machining Association (Winter, 2009).

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CNC Data Server Increases Productivity & Improves Reliability

Memex Automation Inc. introduces a CNC DATA SERVER connectivity tool built upon its existing staple of connectivity tools that maximizes program usage at the machine.  Save time and increase reliability by loading large files locally (buffering up to 2 Gb) with a graphical interface for “drag and drop” of files between a PC and CNC.

Ax2200HS offers supplemental memory and is the first product to utilize this revolutionary method.  Part programs are managed on your factory floor, files are transferred seamlessly between CNC and PC.   Installation is easy on any control with our many options for Universal Network Interfaces.  Old machines can now perform at today’s standards.