[Webinar] Data-Driven Manufacturing – How to guarantee buy-in support from your top executives

Data-Driven Manufacturing benefits are well established and proven (a theory no more), with more and more manufacturers onboarding Data- Driven Manufacturing solutions the biggest question in everyone’s mind is how can they achieve the highest ROI and when will the project / solution investment start paying for itself. Manufacturers currently profiting from Data-Driven Manufacturing do so primarily because they have a well-defined strategy rooted in Impactful Continuous Improvement which is fueled by the collection of real-time data from all manufacturing assets and the personnel that operate them. This data is then made available to the entire operational excellence team, shifting the emphasis from data collection and analysis to high value-added activities such as countermeasure development and implementation, thereby rapidly evolving standard work practices.

Join MEMEX to discover how to construct a tailored compelling business case which moves beyond the theoretical discussion and showcases the actual achievable business outcome in terms of OEE improvement, current state versus future desired state, as well as profit dollar increase and ROI duration.

In this free webinar you will learn:
• How an investment in Data-Driven Manufacturing returns extremely compelling quantifiable bottom-line results.
• What is a minute of time on the average manufacturing floor really worth.
• How to construct the business case with real numbers, based on your unique constraints.
• The total cost of ownership for the project and what it takes to achieve 100% IRR in year one, and many multiples of that in the years to come.
• Quickly and Objectively Identify your unique improvement opportunities utilizing complete real-time shop floor data.
• How a Data- Driven Manufacturing solution can adapt to your existing process, whether you are a low mix – high volume, or high mix – low volume manufacturer.

Date: Wednesday, 30th  March, 2022
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Time
Duration: 1 hour