It has come to our attention that MachineMetrics has put forward some false statements to our customers.  We wish to set the record straight on these statements:

  • They are saying that “Memex is closed and is no longer operating”. This is not true, Memex continues to operate and support its customers, as it has for over 30 years. This competitor is relatively new to the business and has taken the easy way using a cloud-based software model, SaaS, that is much more expensive and is scrambling to win business by going after the leader in the market space.

  • They claim that I supplied them a list of customers that had Memex equipment, saying that Memex will no longer support them, inferring customers should switch to the competitor. This is another lie; I never supplied any list to them. I am still a significant shareholder in Memex, and I have a fiduciary duty to protect our intellectual property, so why would I send any list, that is an absurd statement.

Memex still supports all our current products. We have won business over MachineMetrics and likewise they have done the same – that’s fair competition in business, it happens, and upstarts do target the leader to try and win market share, we are flattered. But saying non-factual statements is the sign of the worst type of representation, many adjectives can be added here, as it all reflects on the culture of our competitor. Would anyone trust MachineMetrics on any statement they make? It is highly likely they will say anything to win business. This is the worst form of an unethical, untrustworthy, street peddler who will promise the world to try and win business.

John Rattray, Sales for Memex over the last 16 years.